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Scottsdale’s Best Spa and Skin Care Clinic

CoolSculpting In Arizona

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary “Fat-Freezing Fat Reduction Procedure.” This new technology literally reduces unwanted fat without surgery. This is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction method to remove stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go away. Men and women can get rid of those stubborn bulges for good. CoolSculpting is an innovative way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat without needles, knives, or anesthesia. It’s easy to get started on a journey to a slimmer you. The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation appointment.

botox injection

Botox Scottsdale

Welcome to INJEXTS, Scottsdale’s only injectable bar. Injexts was developed to help restore your youthful looks in minutes. We are an on demand injectable aesthetic practice that makes it convenient and easy for you to book an appointment, receive your treatment and have that refreshed look within minutes.  Injexts is designed to have you in and out of your Botox refresher appointments within 15 minutes from arrival to finish.  Filler appointments will have you refreshed in 30 minutes or less. Only have a few minutes? Try a B12 injection… that’s how long your appointment will take.

Injections are our specialty. Therefore your aesthetic injectable experience is at your demand by world class healthcare providers.  Professionally trained nurse practitioners insure the highest quality treatment, within a safe, relaxed, and professional environment.

Injectables – Juvederm AZ

Injectable treatments are always popular because they can produce striking results with no surgery or downtime. We carry BOTOX® Cosmetic along with the JUVÉDERM® family of fillers in our Scottsdale, AZ clinic, among many other injectable options. These treatments have been scientifically studied to bring you the result you want with the reassurance that the product is being delivered in the safest way to you. The products are developed so that they require little or no downtime, and for the right patients they can provide a satisfying cosmetic improvement.
● Botox
● Juvederm: Voluma, Vollure, Ultra XC, Ultra XC Plus, Vobella
● Kybella
● B12
● MIC B12 “fat burner”

botox injection
botox injection

Reduce Aging

You will receive an individualized consultation before each appointment that will help us determine which injectable treatment is right for you. This helps us get you the results that you want.
After, we will assess the intervention to be sure that you recieve the outcome that you wanted to acheive.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation can be seen on the cover of every Hollywood magazine. Whether you’re channeling your inner Kardashian or Jenner or looking for a more subtle enhancement we can make that happen for you here at Injexts. Different fillers have different consistencies, and when paired with Ashleigh’s advance techniques we will decide which product and which approach is right for you.

At Injexts we use the scientifically proven and trusted Allergan product line. Made from hyaluronic acid, the Juvederm family of fillers are used to achieve looks that range from voluminous to subtle. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that is found in our bodies. As we age, we lose hyaluronic acid and therefore we lose volume. These products will last from 6 months to one year depending on how fast your body metabolizes the product.

Injexts has recently been recognized as one of Scottsdale’s premier lip filler specialists. This was accomplished using Ashleigh’s holistic nursing skills and professionally trained hands as a doctor of nursing practice to give you the best result possible. As a nurse Ashleigh learned that by simply listening to her patients she was able to achieve optimal results. “I look at a patient and don’t just see their lips, I hear the story behind those lips and then decide with my Nurse Practitioner skills which treatment approach is right for them”. She also adds, “That includes budget, product selection, and which technique will be used for each injection”.

Having been in healthcare for over 20 years, Ashleigh’s experience assures that you are in safe and very experienced hands. Injections and Fillers are the only thing Injexts provides every day. This has allowed them to become one of the most specialized injectors in the Phoenix Metro area.

The products used are all made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in our bodies. Our body recognizes it and metabolizes it out eventually. The products last 9 months up to 2 years. They are also reversible so if you are unhappy with your results they can fix it! Follow Injexts on Instagram and see how fabulous the results are.

Before & After
  • Before-Voluma
  • Before-Botox
  • Before-Kybella

Taylor M.

Amazing! Dr. Ortega has helped me restore my youth and it’ so convenient.

Anne B.

I look naturally younger and I book my appointments on my schedule.

Margaret M.

Highest quality service. We have needed an injectable bar in Scottsdale. It’s quick and easy and I love that Dr. Ortega is not only so gentle but really listens to what I want.


Dr. Ashleigh Ortega, Nurse Practitioner has been in healthcare since 1999. She started her career as a registered nurse at Yale and advanced to receiving her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Arizona State University in 2013 and completed her medical aesthetics training in advanced injectables at The National Laser Institute in Scottsdale. Today she is an adult aesthetics nurse practitioner. As a full-fledged on the go working mother, she wanted to create a convenient injectable practice for both males and females. Appointments can be made on demand and managed by you, the patient.


Life is busy but you deserve to Injexts!







(a brand new filler!!!)
Intro price $400/syringe

VV B12 & LI

(Various Vitamin B12 and lipotropic injection options) ……… 10.00-$25.00/injection


Bring your own Testosterone



Microneedling with hyaluronic acid
$400/treatment Includes a free 2.0 oz bottle
of HA5 Rejuventating Hydrator to take home (178$ value)


Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial …… $600/treatment)
Includes a free 2.0 oz bottle of HA5 Rejuventating Hydrator to take home (178$ value)


PRP for Tear Troughs.
Fill those dark circles under your eyes with your own Growth Factors.

Ultimate Fat Burner Injection

(B1, Riboflavin, B3, Hydroxocobalamin, MIC and L-Carnitine)
5 weeks for 125$ or 35$ each

Detox Me IV treatment

Specially formulated IV to remove toxins from your body while hydrating your cells



Juvederm Ultra XC


Juvederm Ultra Plus XC


Vollure XC

(a new Juvederm product)

$700/syringe introductory price


Introductory price


$800/first syringe
$700/2+ syringe

Skin Care Consult

$25 Fee
$25 will be applied
to your SkinMedica purchase
or future skin care service


Cost varies and will be determined at your complimentary consultation appointment.

MIC B12 Injection

(B12 and MIC fat burner)
10/100$ or 25$ each




(natural B12)
10 weeks for 100$

Myers Cocktail

Boost your immune system, mood and metabolism with this boost of hydration and vitamins

Performance Boost IV treatment

Hydrate, speed up metabolism and help strengthen muscles with this special blend

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